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From a humble family farm to an extensive operation 30 years later, Maxwell UC has a tradition of innovation and staying true to what we know well. We’ve grown the family business to help farms across Iowa and the midwest last for generations.

Our mission

It is our mission to empower excellence, foster innovation, and grow community.


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our core values

Grounded, yet forward thinking


All our opinions are completely our own. We stick to what we know will work for you.


Our families, customers, and neighbors are at the center of who we serve.


We believe in doing what we love, or not doing it at all. We value the work with do each day.


Our customers work with us because we’re not scared to try new things.

Our Goal

Bring the most value to our customers, always.

From data management advice, to crop protection and fertilizers. We know your value is here. Competitive pricing and informed recommendations equal a consistent program and bottom line for planning the future of your business.

We invest in the latest technology from our chemical loadout facility to our agronomic software. We also run yearly field trials with the latest chemicals and fertilizers gathering trial data from our ground in order to bring unbiased information to our customers.

the maxwell uc team

We only work with the best, and so should you.

John Maxwell

John was born and raised on the Maxwell farm. After graduating high school in 2004, he joined the United States Navy as an F/A18 aircraft mechanic in Lemoore, California. During John’s four-year service, he realized his passion for helping like-minded people achieve their goals. John returned home in 2008 to the Maxwell farming business, bringing a different perspective of diversity and innovation to the team. John lives in Maxwell with his wife, Abby, and their four children. Each of them loves and understands the farm and the future it offers for the generations to come.

Jason Maxwell

Jason was born and raised on the Maxwell farm. After graduation, Jason worked for a construction company, and later founded his own company in 1997. He also worked on the farm in Maxwell where he continues to spend most of his time. Jason is a believer in hard work and doing what you love. Jason’s drive has expanded the livestock sector of the family farm business. Jason and his wife, Kerri, continue to live on the original Maxwell family farm and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Bret Veren

Bret was born and raised near Clemons, Iowa and is the farm’s chemical procurement guru. Bret joined the operation in April of 2006 and has since made it his career to provide excellent customer service. Bret lives just east of the farm with his wife, Amanda, and two children, Jaci and Cade. You can also find his four-legged best friend, Willy, hanging around the office daily! Bret enjoys riding ATVs in the creek, fishing, and his trips to Florida to see his family.

Ben Blair

Ben was born and raised in northwest Iowa and began his career in agriculture after studying engineering at Iowa State University. Ben holds the roll of integrator for the multifaceted agricultural operation here on the farm. Ben utilizes his forward-looking mindset and data analytics to help evaluate new opportunities and implement policy change. Ben lives in Maxwell with his wife, Jessica, and their three children Braxton, Callen, and Nyla.

Jordon Balbiani

Jordon was born and raised in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. He joined Maxwell Farms in July of 2018 and is responsible for equipment and shop maintenance, and harvest operations (ask him about his Claas!). Jordon lives in Maxwell with his wife, Julia, his dog Wyatt, and his daughter, Addison. In his free time, Jordon also works on his family farm and is an avid shooter.

Josef Schmitz

Josef was born and raised in La Porte City, Iowa. He joined Maxwell Farms in August of 2022 and is responsible for all things application. Whether that’s spraying or spreading fertilizer, Josef finds joy doing just about anything farm related. Josef lives in Maxwell and enjoys fishing, sports, operating drone equipment and spending time with his family.

Zachary Ziffer

Zachary was born and raised in Afton, Iowa and joined the Maxwell Farms operation in March of 2022. Zachary is responsible for equipment and customer data management. You can find him just about anywhere, but you’ll find him happiest atop his compost mounds. Zachary lives in Nevada with his wife, Kristal, two children, Maiven and Wells and their dog, Fancy. He enjoys pheasant hunting, time spent with family and is passionate about growing agriculture and helping growers.

Brian “Dusty” Meling

Brian comes to us from Melbourne, Iowa and is a truck driver of all sorts. Brian has 18 years of experience behind the big rig wheel and has been with Maxwell Farms since April of 2022. Brian is responsible for all the logistics of the farm and keeps us on the road. Brian lives in Melbourne with his wife, Emily, and their beagle, Charlie.

Kevin Kruschwitz

Kevin grew up on a farm in Grundy County, Iowa. You can find Kevin just about anywhere on the farm but is responsible for all things customer relations and operations. Kevin has vast experience in farming, machinery operation, management, trucking, and customer relations. Kevin has been married to his wife Beth for 39 years and has four children, Brittney, Lexi, Kaylee, and Kody. Kevin enjoys spending time with his family and his four grandchildren.

Christian Ames

Christian was born and raised in Rockwell, Iowa. He joined the farm in October of 2021 and is responsible for many things including application, trucking, and the overall farming operation, but Christian is truly passionate about the Maxwell livestock. He assists with all the farm’s cattle, pigs, and has a wide range of experience in what it takes to be a farm hand. Christian lives in Ames with his two dogs, Samson and Willow. You’ll find him spending his free time outside with his girlfriend or watching Iowa State Cyclones football.

Lauryn Myers

Lauryn was born and raised in Sigourney, Iowa and joined the Maxwell Farms operation in September of 2022. Lauryn is responsible for the day-to-day office and accounting procedures. You can find Lauryn working closely with Ben and Bret, implementing new procedures to assist in office efficiency and loving on the farm dogs. Lauryn is married to her husband, Brenton, and lives in Maxwell with their two cats, Arrow and Valentine.

our credentials

We've been at the agriculture game for a while. You name it, we've been through it.


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Years of staff experience

What are customers think...

"Great knowledgeable staff who takes the time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want!"

Scott Berger from Traer, IA